Rossignol Zenith Z5

New and used Rossignol Zenith Z5 Oversize TPi shaped ski for sale in like new and used condition from individuals and dealers. Get a great deal on Rossignol Zenith Z5 shaped skis with bindings. The Rossignol Zenith Z5 ski features Rossignol's Vibration Absorbing system, known as VAS.

Rossignol describes the Zenith Z5 ski as for:

All the thrills of high speeds for everyone. Lively under the feet, these skis are always extremely stable for powerful accelerations.

Rossignol Zenith Z5 skis come with the Rossignol Axium 120 TPI² (DIN 3.5-12) Binding.

2007 Model Lengths (cm): 154, 162, 170, 176
Sidecut tip-waist-tail: 126-74-105
Radius : 170cm = r15m

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