Rossignol B94

Rossignol Bandit B94 skis for sale in brand new and lightly used condition from individuals and dealers. Get a great deal on Rossignol Bandit B94 skis with bindings.

The Rossignol Bandit B94 ski is an all-mountain Freeride ski built with shock vibration absorption and Dualtec construction. Rossignal describes the B94 Respect ski as a:

Powder, backcountry AT ski. Super lightweight, wide ski for maximum flotation. Ideal tool for backcountry skiing in deep powder.
100% Off-Piste

2007-2008 Model Lengths (cm): 158, 168, 178, 185
Sidecut tip-waist-tail: 122-94-112
Radius : 174cm = 16m

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